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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas can you support and help me with?

Aggression, Anger Management, Anxiety, Boredom, Building Self-confidence, Bullying, Confidence, Conflict Management, Decision Making, Depression, Employee’s Psychological Well-Being & Mental Health, Executive Coaching, Fatigue, Fear, Helplessness, Lifestyles changes, Life Skills Development, Mentoring, Panic Management, Personal Stress, Personal Leadership Coaching, Problem Solving, Professional Development & Challenges, Resilience, Repetitive Negative Patterns, Sadness, Self Determination, Self-development, Self Esteem, Shame, Social Anxiety, Time Management, Tiredness, Unfulfilled Potential, Unresolved issues, Work Stress.

What is the duration of coaching or CBT therapy sessions?

The duration of therapy or coaching sessions can vary depending on the type of approach you require. For example, if you are suitable for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) sessions, the length can range anywhere from 6 weeks to 40 weeks. However, it’s important to note that these timeframes are not cast in stone and can be modified based on your individual needs.

What Can I expect in a session with you?

In therapy sessions, the primary objective is to provide individuals with the necessary support and guidance they need in order to make desired changes in their lives and achieve important personal goals. As a therapist, my approach combines cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques with coaching methods, taking into account the realities of each individual’s unique circumstances.During our discussions, we will delve into your current situation and effectively communicate your emotions surrounding it. The aim is not only to understand the challenges you are facing but also to explore practical strategies that can bring about improvements in various aspects of your life.

By addressing specific challenges head-on, we can work together towards resolutions while also identifying additional resources for further growth and enhancement. Creating a safe space where confidentiality is ensured is crucial for our therapeutic journey. In this environment, you will have the opportunity to freely explore your thoughts and emotions without judgment or fear.

Using evidence-based techniques tailored specifically for you, my goal is to empower you in identifying and modifying any negative thinking or behavior patterns that might be holding you back from reaching your full potential. To ensure lasting positive changes, it is recommended to commit to regular sessions over an extended period of time. The frequency of these sessions will be determined based on the progress we make together and your individual goals.

What is the length of time of these session?

The first session for both couples and individuals lasts for 90 minutes while the subsequent sessions take 50 minutes. You may feel at times that this is not long enough, and it would be beneficial for you to have a longer session time or an additional session in the week. We can discuss and review my availability.

How often do I need to attend Sessions?

Sessions are weekly to establish that you have a regular time to discuss any obstacle you are experiencing and to support you to make continuous progress.

Will what I say be confidential?

Therapy sessions are conducted with utmost confidentiality and discretion. However, there may be certain circumstances that legally require me to breach this confidentiality, such as if you disclose any information indicating a threat to your own or someone else’s personal safety. We will address any concerns openly and collaboratively determine the appropriate course of action.

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