Life Steps Together Navigating Life’s Journey Hand-in-Hand

Embark on a transformative journey with me. Unleash the power of your thoughts, explore new horizons, and reignite your confidence. Remember, you’re not alone. With your guided discovery, together we empower you to regain control, inspire hope, and embrace change. Life is a journey marked by stages, increments, and most importantly, progression.

About Me

I am Geraldine Anderson – an accredited psychotherapist who is passionate about helping individuals, families, and organisations through psychotherapy, counselling, and coaching. My focus is on promoting positive practices and empowering clients to achieve their goals. With my expertise in behavioural health coaching, I am skilled in mentoring and guiding clients towards restoring their mental well-being and enhancing their quality of life.

Through problem-solving techniques and psychological support, I have successfully assisted adults in developing assessment plans and implementing effective treatment strategies. By evaluating client progress using qualitative measures, I ensure that the outcomes are both meaningful and inspiring. I understand that everyone’s situation is unique and important to them. This way I am keen on giving individualised consideration to every person’s challenges regardless of whether they are in a group environment or solitary. Having gathered extensive experience in multiple fields, I deal with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, and financial distress among others.

Empower your Transformation

Embrace the Challenge: It’s natural to hesitate in sharing our deepest concerns. Remember, the life you’re living is just the beginning. Together, we can shape it into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Navigate with Guidance: With the right guidance, you can learn to understand and master problem-solving skills. Let me be your compass on this journey.

Celebrate Your Uniqueness: Everyone is unique, including you. With my vast experience and diverse strategies and tools, I am confident that we can devise a plan tailored to your distinct needs.

Safe Space for Growth: Rest assured, I provide a warm, non-judgmental, and confidential environment. All I ask is for your curiosity, courage, and commitment to our alliance and to your personal growth and progression.

Services Available


Life Steps Together helps individuals to navigate their journey, offering support and guidance every step of the way.


I help couples foster lasting relationships by deepening your connection for a fulfilling partnership.


I assist groups to cultivate meaningful connections among members in order to enhance effective collaboration


I collaborate with organisations to nurture the well-being of their staff and enhance their productivity.

Personalised Care for you

I start by understanding you. Utilising my experience and expertise in areas like CBT, Positive Psychology, and Coaching, we craft strategies perfect for your unique needs. Together, we’ll illuminate your life’s path, improving relationships and boosting your decision-making confidence. Considering therapy? Start with our free, confidential 15-minute consultation. It’s your chance to explore how we can work together, no pressure.

My Approach

Whether I am dealing with individuals, groups, couples or organisations, I am keen on applying individualised consideration as the primary method to my therapy. I believe that organisations, groups, and families cannot run efficiently if the individuals are facing unresolved challenges in their lives. My major concern in therapy is the question as to what an individual can do to improve themselves in order to make worthy contributions towards their colleagues, partners, and friends. While doing this, I will take you through four key steps.

Stir Your Inner Curiosity

Explore your present and envision your future self for better short-term and long-term outcomes.

Sculpt your Life Goals

Define what you want from life, outline the key objectives, and unearth the ‘why’ behind it.

Revamp your Routine

Tailor your habits and daily rituals for optimal output and enhanced productivity at work.

Discover your Purpose

Seek and embrace a profound sense of purpose and meaning for your present and the future.


  • No prerequisites

  • No judgements

  • Embrace an open mind

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