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It is all about the shift in your thoughts, exploring your thinking; you are not alone; with guided discovery, you can restore your confidence and empower hope and inspiration to take back control of your life. Things don’t have to stay the same; life is a journey; it’s about stages, increments and most importantly, progression.

Helping Professional

Every single day people grapple with their thoughts about themselves, feeling helpless with an overwhelming sadness not really knowing the reason for these feelings. Let us work together and help try and understand why you are stuck and what’s blocking your inner self and open up more possibilities and opportunities to create a better life for you.

There might be habits and routines you want to break, changes you want to make, with your family in your relationships, mental health or work. The prospect to work through your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and better understand what’s on your mind, to move your life in a direction you would like it to be.

Helping you design a more inspiring and relevant future

Specific goal setting what you want from life and the reasons.

Enhance Curiosity about your present & future Self

Adapt your Habits & routines to get the best out of your day

Find a real sense of purpose and meaning for your future

How Can I help you ?

Frequently we struggle to be open and honest and are embarrassed to share our worries and concerns with family and friends. This life you are living might not be the life you planned; you may be saddened by the things that didn’t happen. With the guidance and partnership of an experienced professional, you can learn to understand and gain the necessary skills to help problem solve.

Whatever place you are at you are unique and valued, I am confident that I have the experience, strategies and tools to be useful in your particular situation.

All consultations are confidential. You can expect from me an atmosphere of openness, warmth, and non-judgemental. What I ask from you in return is a curiosity, courage and the strength to work and engage in alliance with me and the wiliness to achieve your set goals for growth and progression.

How we focus on your needs?

When we establish your unique needs, we will use strategies and tools that are likely to be useful in your particular situation. These are based on my experience, training and leading research in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), positive psychology, coaching, stress management, time management and leadership development.

 Jointly, I can assist you in understanding and having more clarity around your life. What changes you need to make to improve your relationships with others, be more confident about decisions for solutions today and in the future.

If you think you could benefit from therapy, Life Steps Together offers a free, confidential, 15-minute online or telephone consultation to help find out if our services would be right for you or someone close to you. The free consultation is a good opportunity to help you identify the issues that you would like support with. The consultation will be informal and strictly confidential, with no pressure. If we decide that we can work together after this consultation you can schedule your first appointment.

Have you Still got questions


We are offering services online, on a safe & secure platform. We understand this time of uncertainty is unsettling, and we are here for you whenever you need us.

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