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Aggression, Anger Management, Anxiety, Boredom, Building Self-confidence, Bullying, Confidence, Conflict Management, Decision Making, Depression, Employee’s Psychological Well-Being & Mental Health, Executive Coaching, Fatigue, Fear, Helplessness, Lifestyles changes, Life Skills Development, Mentoring, Panic Management, Personal Stress, Personal Leadership Coaching, Problem Solving, Professional Development & Challenges, Resilience, Repetitive Negative Patterns, Sadness, Self Determination, Self-development, Self Esteem, Shame, Social Anxiety, Time Management, Tiredness, Unfulfilled Potential, Unresolved issues, Work Stress.

It depends on the type of coaching or CBT therapy you require, they can range from 6 weeks to 40 weeks. Bespoke packages are available for individual needs.

Discussions focus on helping and supporting people to make changes and achieve goals that are important to them. I have a realistic approach to CBT therapy & Coaching; they both offer the opportunity to discuss, explore and describe your current situation, and your feelings about it. I assist you in ways to help improve your life and try to help you resolve the problem and find resources to enhance your standard of living.

Each session is, essentially, a problem-solving session tailor-made to your needs. I combine different frameworks, teaching methods, skills and techniques to help you find the strength and interventions to achieve specific goals and manage difficult life events.

Helping clients to connect, catch and pause their thoughts and behaviour, to challenge and question what was just in their mind? To break the vicious cycle and overcome whatever obstacles are standing in their way to a more fulfilled life.


Each session is 50 minutes. You may feel at times 50 minutes is not long enough and it would be beneficial for you to have a longer session time of 90 minutes or an additional session in the week. We can discuss and review availability.

Sessions are weekly to establish that you have a regular time to discuss any obstacle you are experiencing and to support you to make continuous progress.

Sessions are confidential and private.  However there are specific situations which are legal deviations in which I may need to break confidentiality, such as if you tell me that yours or someone else’s personal safety is at risk. We will discuss any issues first and we will decide together about any necessary steps.


We are offering services online, on a safe & secure platform. We understand this time of uncertainty is unsettling, and we are here for you whenever you need us.

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